Letters & Lights

Letters & Lights


Letters & Lights are a well known leading supplier of 5ft LED letters.

Our letters stand at an impressive 5ft and create an instant impact, not to mention they make the perfect backdrop for photos.

Whether you are looking for single letters, initials, ampersand, words, surname, heart or hashtag – we have it all!

Our letters will certainly make a statement at wedding and are a great way to add that personalised touch to your special day.

Whatever your occasion you can rest assure that they will be a talking point and, of course, will most definitely add the WOW factor.

Our letters are of our own bespoke design and finished to a very high standard.

We know how stressful it is organising an event, so we pride ourselves in providing a high level of service and welcome any questions you may have about our service to make your job that little bit easier.